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Warranty Terms and Conditions

Warranty Policy

The Gamesmen offers you an opportunity to replace the purchased product with a new one. This condition applies if the product possesses some manufacturing fault, and the company considers the defect to be serious enough that leads to a replacement.

During the period of warranty, if the customer finds the fault in the product, he/she can claim the warranty under the below-mentioned Terms and Conditions:

Terms & Conditions

  1. The customer should save the E-receipt of the product after Purchase.  The purchase receipt must be presented when making a claim. No claim will be entertained in the case of absence of purchase receipt.
  2. Make sure to appropriately pack the product so that no damages can occur during transportation. The following documents should be given in case of any complaint:
    • User manual, accessories, and other contents
    • Detailed note with respect to the fault
    • Copy of purchase receipt or invoice
  3. In the event if the product needs a replacement under warranty, the cost of transportation to and from the Company Service Center will be borne by the company. During transportation, the product will solely be at the owner’s risk.
  4. The warranty claim will be provided as per Company policy mentioned. Any or all the defective parts will be repaired or replaced, depending upon the intensity of the defect. This policy doesn’t apply to the attached accessories
  5. The defect caused due to misuse, inappropriate installation or operating of a machinery, accident, using incompatible or defective accessories, loss of parts, incorrect adjustment of client controls, improper care, using the product on an incorrect voltage, or repaired by a person not authorized by the distributor won’t be covered under this warranty
  6. In case the serial number of the product has either been removed or changed wouldn’t be covered under the warranty claim


Return & Refund Policy

Our Promise:

The Gamesmen promises to deliver the best services, advice, and convenience to our customers
which they actually deserve, hence proving ourselves to be the trusted partner for technology. We
deliver all our products at highly competitive prices. In case if you are not completely satisfied with
your purchased product, we can help you with an exchange or refund.

Returns Policy

The Gamesmen believes in 100% return and refund of the products. There are certain conditions
that must be fulfilled while making a product return:
• The product must be in its perfect condition.
• The purchased product should include its original receipt, accessories, user manual.                           • The delivered product should be returned in its undamaged and original packaging box.

If we find that the returned product is not in a satisfactory condition, we reserve the rights to send it
back to you.
Reasons of Return
1. The purchased product is damaged, broken, or malfunctioning
2. Incorrect or incomplete product has been delivered
3. The purchased product needs to be exchanged with another brand
Refund Policy
The Gamesmen holds certain rules for a refund which are as follows:
• Refund should be initiated within 7 days, via chat or website, the refunded amount will be given back as per the purchased price
Whatever product(s) you buy from The Gamesmen can be exchanged within 30 days,
subject to its condition, attached documents and original packaging.


Warranty Procedure

If the product is eligible for warranty under the aforementioned policies, the customer may initiate an RMA for the defective product. The procedure for initiating an RMA is as follows:

  1. The customer must reach out to the customer support within the warranty time.
  2. He should provide a detailed account of the issue faced with the product.
  3. If the product is deemed faulty by the customer support team, they will initiate an RMA for the defected product.
  4. Customer should pack the product in it’s original packaging, along with a chit inside explaining the problem with the product.
  5. A new product will be issued to the customer, and the faulty product will be replaced. 

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